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View Poll Results: Have you ever run out of gas?
Yes, I was trying to push the tank too far (to beat a personal record or for other reasons) 6 46.15%
Yes, I didn't realize how low the tank was. 7 53.85%
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If that ever happened to me, I'd just pay a visit to the nearest MacDonalds.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I ran out of gas once but managed to coast into a gas station and right up to the pump .

This *I've* done ...I call it a perfect tank .

eta : not just any gas station/pump ...*my* gas station and *my* pump .

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I've run out of gas three times!

The first time, I wanted to get another day out of the tank to save time, but the light came on, and I only get another 10 miles, then it cut out!. This was because the light came on when starting to return home, and it was a very cold winter, so the engine used loads of fuel. I drove past my house to the nearest gas station and almost made it!

The second time, I was driving at 70mph using Tesco petrol (I never go near the now). I got about 20mpg (and there was no wind, it wasn't cold, etc), and I used to rely on the fuel warning light to say it was getting low. Enough said!

The third time, I was driving with the fuel low, and I was going up a long (several miles) uphill. When I got to the top, the light suddenly came on, and the engine cut out about 2 miles later.

These times were ages ago, and the last two times, I had spare fuel in the car. The first time was interesting - I drove along on WOT, doing about 20mph. Anything less than WOT and it cut out.

After I refilled, the car was very difficult to start the first time (wonder why...) - but it is OK now.

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Originally Posted by CO ZX2 View Post

Most recent vehicles warn of possible damage to in-tank fuel pumps by running out of gas and that has prompted me to be more careful.
i will contest to this. the reason why it could be fatal to your pump is its cooled by the gasoline, much liek your car is cooled by coolant, run outa either one and your screwed.

i know for a fact that the GM s-series pickups and blazers will burn up the pump after repeated "out of gas" times. it is not a cheap thing to fix either...
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I agree that running REALLY low can burn out a pump.

I disagree that running the tank dry will let the pump pick up dirt settled at the bottom of the tank. In fact, the fuel pump always pulls gas from the bottom of the tank.
Dave W.
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I came close once while driving through bum**** looking for a BP that didn't seem to exist. I haven't run out yet though.
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Old 06-14-2007, 04:21 AM   #27
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Not yet...

I came close once while on a long-distance trip from Ohio to Kansas. ('97 Civic DX) it started to sputter on the downhills and I had enough "fumes" until the next exit.

The gauge is so innacurate on the Integra (low-fuel light no longer functions either -- like that was even accurate) -- so when it gets close to E, it's time to fill. I'm usually anxious to see what kind of mileage I got on the tank anyway


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