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ok so i guess i'm the only one that didn't believe that heat was actually good for my engine! this past week and this week is supposed to be triple digits across the board! i guess this is REALLY helping my fe because if you look at my last gasslog its up to 41 mpg city/freeway driving! so i now beleive in the power of heat! lol. sorry i just wanted to say that. i told my wifey yesterday and she looked at me like: you going to finish folding your clothes?



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I can see that. Since air expands as the temp goes up, less air will fit through your intake. So the computer has to scale the fuel back to keep the A/F ratio even.


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More importantly, warm fuel will burn more efficiently/completely, allowing you to extract the most energy from a given amount of fuel.

The only time that cold is good is for wide-open-throttle performance, since you can cram slightly more cold fuel/air into a cylinder than hot air, hence more fuel=more power (but less efficiently).

-Bob C.
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Thats one reason I put mine next to the top hose, instead of the manifold.
It's been stated that about 150 is tops for improvement. If I go WOT I will quickly get cooler air.

Best of both worlds, great economy at low engine speeds, with decent power when needed.

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