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I got a chevy Suburban that gets 13mpg at most and A Ford F-150 and that gets 17 at most so how do I make it better.... Can it get better for my trucks? Please need help or advice.

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what do you use such large vehi for?

do you need them for work?

improve the FE on your cars look here first.

im sure you can make great strides with the vehi you have.

Is any drive opposed to driving a smaller for FE car?

Look around do some Searching.

look at tracking you FE so you learn what works and what isnt working.

or even a scan guage 2.

Ive been here a short while and have learned lots by reading what been already posted.

Fact of the matter is you will not see 45 or 50 .. mostlikely even 25 but every gallon is almost a 4 dollar savings.

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The worse mileage your car gets the more you can save by driving correctly.

My daughter has an Expedition with the 4.6, a towing package and a factory mpg readout.. She routinely gets 11.5 mpg average and never uses the mpg readout.. Just by paying attention to the readout when driving and practicing some basic hypermiling techniques I can get about 17 mpg under the same conditions.

If your car(s) are 1996 or later, get a Scangauge, that will help you more than anything.
94 Altima 5 spd.. Stock.. 29 mpg combined with basic hypermiling techniques ..

89 Yamaha FZR400 Crotch rocket, semi naked with only the bikini fairing, no lowers, 60 plus mpg

87 Ranger 2.3 5spd.. Does not currently run..
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Welcome. For the Suburban, what year and engine? I'm currently getting 17 from my 2002 Sierra 4x4 5.3.

Do you put on a lot of non-trucking miles? If so, gas and maintenance savings might easily pay for a more efficient vehicle to use when you don't need a truck, while still allowing you to keep the trucks for when you do.
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