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Just had to say that is a beautiful car!

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I thought the color of envy was green.... verrry nice.

three stripes the charm!

Car mods are overrated. Just gotta adjust that nut behind the wheel for best mpg.

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I've got a 92 with 180k on the clock that I just bought. It's red just like yours. It needs a lot of work, but I intend to make it look just like yours. The three mods I'm planning are a grill block, tein s-tech springs and koni struts and some rear wheel cover panels. I hope to get the car to 60 plus average mpg while looking as good as yours. I'm green with envy!
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If you put it back to stock (the lip and corner lights) I'd give you $2500 for it. Usually when I see mods especially corner lights, body mods, etc I walk away. So it would depend on the mods and the severity of the wreck (quality of the repair).

If you hold out for a desperate/naive buyer you might get closer to $3000. I bought my stock 92 VX with 200k for $2200.

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Your location matters, they seem to be a lot higher in northern Cali for example. And the prices are definitely on the rise lately. The fact that somebody bought a clean 100k VX for $2000 a year ago means less than nothing in today's market. You didn't mention mileage, location or condition so it's hard to say, but if you've had offers for 4k, its worth at least that. Good luck
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In Northern California, clean stock good running VX's usually go for $3500 to $4500. Even with a salvage title the street price doesnt drop. Especially if you can find a VX that has had its major maintenance done recently such as timing belt, waterpump, etc. will bring the price up! Whats also golden in Northern Cali is if you can find a VX with working AC! The AC option can bring the cars value up a grand more easily! Very hard to find a VX with OEM AC up here! Most people love the AC option when its 90 to 105 degress in sunny Cali!
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People telling you to sell your car for $2k-$2.5k are nuts.

If it's in good running condition, you can post it for sale for around $3,500 to $4,000 and you'll sell it in no time.

Just because someone found one for $2,500 a year ago, doesn't mean that's what it goes for now.

5th gen Civics ('92-'95) are becoming a must have collector's item for die-hard Honda enthusiasts.

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