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Originally Posted by itjstagame View Post

Jay, btw, LM317T was an awesome suggestion, it's putting out 3.47V whether car is on or off and will handle up to 1A (50 LEDs). The only thing that sort of stinks is I will probably have to make another one for the dash/parking lights because they're on a seperate circuit through the parking light switch and dimmer control. That is unless I really want to trace wires like crazy and hack new circuits to save on a few components....
Any idea why they'd want a 22k uf cap there? I left that off because I could FIND one, the 2,200 uf caps are D cell size and expensive as hell. Works fine as is.
A capacitor wired in with a solid state voltage regulator will act to filter the output. A 22k cap seems quite large considering the application. You're not installing a 100 watt stereo, just a few LED's. I would use whatever was lying around that I had in my parts bin. Also, wouldn't using a 22k cap hold the idiot lights on long after the car has cut the voltage to turn them off? It would be a PITA to have the darn seatbelt warning light stay on for a minute after you actually buckled the seatbelt, or a door open warning light staying on minutes after the door or trunk was closed. My guess is 1 or 2k would be pleanty to filter the output without keeping the lights on more than a few seconds after they are deactivated.



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Uh-oh...SuperBrightLEDs.com has been a favorite of automotive forums for a while, but looks like they don't last long.
Mine will do the same, got mine from superbrightleds.com and have replaced a couple burnt out ones and one is flickering now.
same here but with dome lights...going back to oem bulbs
Had that problem, also had blue leds from superbrightleds.com, ditched them for some white wide angle SMT (surface mount technology) leds from ebay, no problems, much more evenly spread light distribution and seem much higher quality than superbrights
Link? my superbrightled's are going out. Only one though.
I have blue LED from superbrightled's as well and I've replaced about 4 of them in the past year. One by oil gauge is going out again, it's flickering. A link to those other LED's would be nice. Getting tired of having to open up my dash to replace lights.
My LEDs from superbrightleds keep going out too. Although i haven't had a flickering problem.
One went out in my cluster this morning. Was going to call them today (superbrightleds) and get it warranty. Just bought them on 17th of December.
Yes to everyone. My superbrightleds.com were cool for like a year or two, then started to flake out.

Back to brand new, nice and bright factory bulbs.

Nice to have my dimmer work again as well.
Same here. The gauges went down pretty quick. 5 of the 6 finally stopped working. Went back to stock 194s

Now the rest of the interior lights have remained OK, though.
There were two posts in that thread saying they had no problem with them.

I can't vouch for most of those people, but the user who said "My superbrightleds.com were cool for like a year or two, then started to flake out" is a very thorough, detail-oriented guy who would have done everything right and keeps his truck in perfect condition.

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