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*Groan* Yup the corn is ripe in Minnesota!

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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
I'ye yoosta drink Pib on occasion,,,,,,,,, don't see it anymore.
It's kinda like Dr Pepper, right? I remember it from my military days in the Midwest.

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Any further results with this additive? I found lots of initial activity but no follow-ups.
Looking to trade for an early 1988 Honda CRX HF (Pillar mounted seat belts)
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Talking torco gp 7

hi guys dose this mix pose a problem for the catalatic convert thanks
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Also I wonder if diamondlarry was takign in to account the fuel he was adding to his car. If he's adding 5 gals + 5oz of gas/pib mixture does that mean you're using 5gasl + 5oz of gas?

I am still curious about additives but everyone has seemed to go away from them. I did try the EAL and Friction Reducer and noticed no change. The current additive I'm trying is looking more promising but we'll see later.
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Re: PIB as a fuel additive

Very interesting.
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Post Re: PIB as a fuel additive

I don't think any of the two-stroke oils actually contain high molecular weigh PIB, which is what the patents refer to. The stuff you get in lubricating oils has much shorter (and lighter) molecules, by many orders of magnitude, and would not be able to stabilize fuel droplets of any significant size.

The high molecular weigh stuff is extremely viscous, not like a liquid at all. If you read the patent, you can see that it actually behaves like a solid. That's because the molecules are simply too big to flow easily.

I bought some HMW PIB from Scientific Polymer Products back in 2002 --- Mw 4,700,000 --- but I didn't complete the experiment because I was concerned about it falling out of solution and gumming up the fuel injectors. I still have 99% of what I bought. I don't know if that outfit is still around.

If you use the high molecular weight stuff, you'll have to dissolve it in something --- I used gasoline in a clear gas container, and it took several days --- or just add a 'chunk' to your gas tank and pray that it dissolves in the gasoline, and doesn't get stuck anywhere.

I'm thinking of dissolving some in Sea Foam, and just adding a few capfuls to the tank each time I fill up. My driving habits are not regular enough to make it a reliable experiment, though.
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Re: PIB as a fuel additive

I wish I had regular driving habits to do tests like this. I've put all of 5000 miles on my Torino in two years. It burns so much oil that I try to drive it as a pleasure vehicle, using it in place of the family Durango only when not transporting other passengers because one of the seatbelts (right rear) doesn't work, one window (left front) doesn't work, and one door (left rear) doesn't open. I don't mind adding copious amounts of oil to it, because I know that as soon as I get a carport built, I'll be swapping in an EFI 302 or a 3.8V6 or something else with an AOD transmission.

I'm even considering using a 4.3 Vortec V6 with a 700R4 because it's a proven combination reliability wise and in a low geared car like this it might do well. Caprices from 1985-1993 or so were offered with it they all got 26-27mpg EPA highway ratings. They weighed as much as this monster, too (the 1996 Caprice sedan weighed 4061 and my Torino shipped at 3980). Even the later bubble Caprices with the L99 4.3L V8 (the smaller version of the LT1) got 26mpg highway.

I will be very interested to see the results of any of the PEA/PIB/2-cycle testing here. BITOG has some threads as well but they're looking at wear and tear and lubrication properties. I don't think they're looking for mileage gains as much as UOA results. But I'll be reading in both places about it. When I do a swap on the Torino I want to keep it in there as long as possible and get the best possible mileage as well. So both focus points are pertinent to me.

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