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Ping Sming and bad gas

Filled up the tank yesterday, 8 gallons at a phillips 66. I pulled in the station and noticed 4 nozzles at each pump. No diesel though. I thought it odd. One was some type of mixed gas it had a label that I didn't read. So I selected 87oct and filled up. 20 minutes later the car starts pinging like a 84 subaru. It was most certainly caused by the gas. I removed the 110 ohm resistor and it went away for the most part(woot this thing has more power than hemi now).

So what happened, did I get some funny gas blend? It annoys me that you can't tell how crummy certain fuels are until you pay for them.

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I heard on the radio yesterday that gas companies are beginning to switch to winter blend already...could this be the cluprit?

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was it Ethanol. E10 ussually comes in 89 octane so I don't know.
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Even if the gas companies are beginning to switch, theres a 6 week window for the first drop of winterblend to hit the consumer gas stations.

And ethanol does separate out of gasoline...ethanol is some of the octane prolly got like 85 octane fuel running through your system. It's okay, your computer will adapt around it.

I've had it happen to me too. I was really really good at getting the same fuel for 1000miles then I switched and kinda shocked the computer out of its extra fine tune. It pinged and pinged, I finally had to reset the computer only because mine is so slow and stubborn to adapt.
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Maybe you got some E85 instead of E10 - better go back there and see what it was before you do some fuel system damage.
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