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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
anyone that has "hho" in their name pretty much has no legitimacy right from the get-go.

Why dont you look up at the top right hand corner of this page you are now reading. You will see an ad "use Water for Fuel to Double Gas Mileage" on it and it takes you to

If there ever was a scamo fuel saver ad this would take the cake....

I guess by your logic this forum also has no legitimacy. you should quit this forum as the forum owners / moderators have no problem taking money for posting ads that claim to use water as fuel to double gas mileage...

but my posts on an ignition device has no legitimacy because my id has hho in it....yeah right

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Well, complete combustion does a couple of things but I don't think it's more than any typical EFI controller can't compensate for(and not for the worse).

As mentioned above, one benefit of the hotter spark is less time between the spark event and peak cylinder pressure. The ECU will just compensate for this in the spark table and continue advancing to the edge of knock as usual.

Another benefit is less oxygen in the exhaust. This reduction will make the ecu read rich and lean the mixture out a little to keep the amount of oxygen in the exhaust at a level that makes the cat happy.

I can totally see the economy benefits of it, but if one plasma technology doesn't work for increasing mileage in your car there is no reason to think that another is different.

I do worry about using non-resistor plugs in a computer controlled vehicle. It might not cause stalling or crazy issues but it can corrupt fuel trim writes and such.

- Kyle
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Originally Posted by dkjones96 View Post

If you create a bigger spark and you get a better burn(effectively advancing timing) and then you retard the timing you aren't left where you were before.

If it takes 45 degrees of crank rotation from the time you spark the plug to the time you hit peak cylinder pressure and with a plasma spark ignition setup you only take 40 degrees you've just taken away 5 degrees of crank rotation from every cylinder on every cycle where the burning of the air and fuel is trying to turn the engine backwards. You're getting rid of a little bit of waste.
I don't buy your logic.

If the Magic Plugs could somehow light off a sizable fraction of the cylinder area, you might manage to shorten the combustion cycle enough to realize some efficiency savings. I don't see that happening. 'Plasma' or no, you're still starting the ignition with a relatively small spark.

I'm willing to bet that a plasma ignited flame kernel is not significantly different than a fractionally older kernel set off by a plain Jane spark plug. Moving forward from the time that both kernels are of equal size, their behavior and burn characteristics will be indistinguishable.
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I'd like a more believable way of getting the plasma into the engine. Perhaps someone could bottle it. Can it be harvested from junked plasma TVs?
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All that donated blood has a shelf life. Maybe we could get that plasma and throw it in the tank.
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I think we should use warp plasma.


This sig may return, some day.
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