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Platinum Gas Saver

Anybody heard of this thing? It just plugs in to a vacuum line, adds platinum vapor to the gas mix and is supposed to increase gas milage at least 22%. I called them, and the sales associate said the things are supposed to last at least 2 years, but they only have a 4 month warranty. Each gadjet is almost 200 bucks...but they are having a 2 for one special....



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I call BS on this one.

Answer these questions first: at what temperature does platinum vaporize? Can your engine handle that temperature?

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Two for one special? Does putting two on your car net you a 44% gain?

I agree with beatr911 and say SNAKE OIL!!!!
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I can not believe in todays day and age people still believe these things.
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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
My New Year's resolution was if I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all.

Don't make me blow it only 10 days in!!!

I must say clench I have noticed that you've been a lot more amiable. Kudos to you.

And I call snake oil too. The only way I would ever try any of that junk was a free trial, no strings attached.
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This gadget goes way back. A former boss of mine took the bait and bought some to resell. Unfortunately he made the (additional) mistake of installing one on his vehicle. It was hard for him to do a convincing sales job knowing it did diddly-squat for his gas mileage.

This was at least 15 years ago -- closer to two decades, I think.

He probably still has dusty boxes of them in his garage if you're interested.

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platimum tried on 1993 Ford F-150

I tried this and it is useless. Of course, I have also tried magnets, fuel concepts, (vapor to trottle body), pulse plugs, and also have added efie device to adjust computer from oxzegyn sensor. Still absolutely no help from the 10 to 11.5 mpg I get on this 4 x 4. Good luck.
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* Ford Explorer 1996 report by "rface" - goes from 16.7 to 20 mph with 3 oz / 10 gallon mix.

* Ford F150 1995 - I have a Ford F150 with a 5.8 liter. V8 Truck has approximately 157,000 miles on the odometer. I have run the acetone test with the following results while using 2 oz. per ten gallons normally I get about 220 miles per 17 gal. tank. With the addition of acetone the mileage has gone up to 248 per 17 ga. tank. The acceleration is improved and morning start up is almost instant. -- Scott. 10/27/05

* Ford F150 2004 - 16-17 mpg hwy before; 22-24 mpg hwy after; running for about 6 months, since Apr/May 2005; have been telling all my family and friends about acetone and the Scan Gauge ( -- Ferrell Beaird <hcc{at}> (Jan. 6, 2006)
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Snake oil. See previous "vaporize" post for 100% accurate info. This will make your vehicle lighter by exactly the price you pay for it. FE will suffer with the additional weight. So zero savings for weight, but lighter by $200.
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Everybody knows that you have to add the platinum to the fuel not the air!

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