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Originally Posted by MetroMPG
... that's the second time I've heard that term used
this week.

I'm partial to Hu-normous.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein
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Originally Posted by ZugyNA

"Imagine a 50-percent reduction in the use of automotive fuel in the U.S. THIS IS INDEED POSSIBLE and it could be implemented very quickly. In our own cars we have exceeded 50-percent reductions. Neon went from 26 to 62 MPG. Mazda went from 13 to 44 MPG. Olds went from 12 to 30 MPG."

This is with NO aero mods and NO driving techniques. Straight highway mileage.
Yes, but that's also bull****. 35% reduction in fuel use by switching to 20w40, sure. If anyone comes on here trying to pitch that I'll fall over laughing.

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I have to agree - whenever I follow a new link to read something at that site, I find more material that reduces the author's credibility even further. There are just too many "technical" statements and explanations that are beyond nonsense. I could list examples, but it's been done before, and it's OT in this thread anyway.
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Yeah running heavy oil in the engine when cold will bypass the filter and pump unfiltered oil through the bearings - not good - not to mention the extra load on the oil pump usually driven by the cam shaft.
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Ignorance is generally its own reward?

If you are standing on railroad tracks and watching a train coming...but deny that it is...you get rewarded?:

If some really hot babe says lets get it on and you run the other way...you don't get your reward?
Leading the perpetually ignorant and uninformed into the light of scientific knowledge. Did I really say that?

a new policy....I intend to ignore the nescient...a waste of time and energy.
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I'm not going to have discussions in bold with people who insult my intelligence or openmindedness.

I have yet to find myself on the tracks watching the train hit, mehbe the next time I'm in a drug induced stupor I will have such beliefs, but until then I'm not listening to this old man's proofless, theoryless ramblings.

End of story.

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