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Route Selection impact on FE

I'm a new member and enjoy this webforum very much. I've been interested in fuel economy and automotive efficiency for some time and the information found here is very helpful for aspiring hypermilers. I commend the great work done by the FE gurus here to share their successes.

My cars are not the best candidates for high mpg but with efficient driving I have been getting decent FE for both of them with no modifications other than upping the tire pressures to 42 psi. Ive gotten up to a 28mpg/tank in my 2000 Jaguar S-type 3.0 ( EPA 19 mpg) and up to a 21 mpg/tank for my 1986 Jaguar XJ6(EPA 15 mpg).

In gradually refining my 50 mile round trip to work commute in the San Francisco Bay area, Ive found that monitoring traffic conditions and taking alternative routes is critical to achieving good FE results. Today I was working on a 29 mpg tank average until I failed to react to a traffic backup. Two brief stop and creep episodes knocked the tank average back to 26. To achieve optiminal results you have to maintain your concentration to minimize the errors ( avoidable braking, stops, excessive speed, etc.) as one misstep can kill a premium effort. I hope to achieve my current goals of a 30 mpg tank in combined driving with the S-type and a 25 mpg tank for the XJ. Its a great challenge and makes the commute more fun.

I may up the tire pressures a bit more and will be considering grille blocks and possibly a bellypan.
Thanks for the great research and motivation.

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BigRed has the same mpg estimates as your car and I have hit a 30mpg tank so with a bit of work and luck with traffic it should be possible.

Don't know anything about your engine but I know your Jag is about 300 lb more then my LHS so that may hurt you a bit.

Traffic will probably be your main problem as I have almost no traffic to deal with on my daily route.


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Thanks foir the encouragement, You"re spot on about the traffic and the weight challenges. After the last commute with the S-type I've riden my motorcycle the past 2 days. Its liberating to be able to use the bike's acceleration and nimbleness to cut through the traffic blockages. I'll have to add it to the garage. It has gotten in the high 40s to low 50 mpg without much effort so I/m setting a goal of a 60 mpg tank for it. Definitely a nice option during the dry season.
best wishes, Vic
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route selection is very important for my situation. I didn't think I could improve on the average I had from last summer, but I altered my route again to an even more efficient one and had record tanks ever since. The best part is the new route takes less effort from me.
Best tank= 81.23 mpg on july 1st 2008

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I have the commuter's dilemma. Longer route with better mileage or shorter route with more stop and go. While mileage per gallon is a good indication of economy, gallons per week is a better indication of fuel savings and I track that on my Excel spreadsheet. It just depends on which game you want to play.
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