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Should of mentioned earlier - DOH - I'd go with a 2.5. Used to have a 2.8 GMC Jimmy 4WD new in 1986 - dog that got bad mileage.

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yea sounds about right...

my dad has a celebrity he bought for $100 a few months ago, gets about 24mpg with an auto trans. body is rusted badly, 3 matching wheels, and brown with black paint spots...looks liek crap but sure as hell noone gonna steal it. best work car ever. if it gets in an accident no big loss, engien blows up, no biggie, still gets better mpg than his van so he doesnt care, and door dings you wont notice/care.

also is hilarious to see peoples reactions when you park it right next to thier mercedes, bmw, proshe, etc...

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For an "Iron Duke 101" Go to:

It was made from 1977 to 1993! Went in to MANY vehicles ranging from the Pontiac Fiero, to Post Office delevery trucks! Has small block bell housing bolt pattern, so it should take the 5 speed gearbox, Or a T-56 6 speed transmission

This same engine apperentlly can mate up to ether transverse (FWD) or RWD transmissions. Differnt Transmissions!! Same engine.

I'm sure you can scoop up an old FWD celebrity or buick, that nobody wants, and just pluck the engine out. For cheep, like Vettowner.

Perhaps you could use a thinner gasket to bost compression. Also High power ignition should help. You can custom burn FE chips for the TBI, if equipped.

The 4.3 liter in the caprice was only 130 hp. they useed to have the shoertbaxe rfoer
85 Chevrolet. 30 MPG or bust!
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The shoertbaxe rfoer was a great engine! Hee hee!

Small block bolt pattern, wow. What a world of possibilities that opens up...

The only reason I ever heard of the Iron Duke was that we had one. In our BOAT! It was a great balance of power, weight, and fuel economy when compared to the other engines of the time.
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Man, must be something seriously wrong with my 2.8L auto then. It was getting 14 highway 17 city before I installed an electric fan, now it's seeing 17 city 19 hwy. Very disappointing. My engine is a recent rebuild too. Probably the crappy Crane cam I installed since I didn't want to run the crappy regrind cam that came with the engine, and Comp was back ordered about 3 weeks. I couldn't wait on them, needed the truck for work. Bummer.

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