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SG2's for $139

I ran this by Matt and he said to post this here. Through my association with the Milwaukee Hybrid Owners Group, I have information on a group buy that is currently going on that allows for the purchase of an SG2 for $139 that includes shipping. Below is the latest email I received on this. The downside is that they need the money by the 16th of December.

> >
> > Hello to all members and friends,
> >
> > Through the efforts of fellow member Rees Roberts, we have a fantastic member benefit! As you know, Rees presented the ScanGauge 2 at our last meeting. There were many of you who expressed an interest in purchasing this incredible tool. If you receive this email, you too can get on board with a group purchase.
> >
> > Here's how we'll handle this. It'll be similar to our Miller Park gathering ticket purchase.
> >
> > - send me an email if you are interested in purchasing this state of
> > the art tool ASAP
> > - in the email I would like you to include your complete shipping
> > address and phone number as well as full name
> > - I would like you to send me a check for $139 made out to Bradlee Fons by Dec 16th. I will not cash these until the group buy is finalized.
> > - I will then deposit all checks and write a personal check directly
> > to Linear-Logic
> >
> > Please email me ASAP with your intentions so that I can give Ron at Linear a heads-up on how many units we may be ordering. I'm sorry I can't do credit cards at this time. These units will be sent directly to the address you give me. The last chance to order these units will be at our next group meet in Oak Creek on December 16th. I will accept checks on that date but I'll need all other checks by then if you can't attend.
> >
> > Remember that these diagnostic tools work on almost every vehicle made after 1996, hybrid or not. These units are easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Please see the site below for specifics.
> >
> > Lastly, Ron at Linear-Logic has given Rees the extra good news that as the data-logging upgrade becomes available, we will once again be given a discount as a Milwaukee Hybrid Group member on the unit. Since we are fairly loose on member status, offer this opportunity to those that may not know of our group. Eric, let your Madison Hybrid Group members know too. Wayne, Tom, Larry, and Tony, the same with your groups.
> >
> > That's about it. A ScanGauge 2 for $139 seems to be a deal and it's a wonderful tool to optimize your performance. Remember, knowledge is power.
> >
> > More details on our next group meet on Dec. 16th will be coming within days. Stay tuned and thanks for your support.
> >
> > Bradlee Fons
> > The Milwaukee Hybrid Group
> >
> >
> > This is Rees's email to me....
> >
> >
> > At last months meeting I gave a presentation about a product called
> > Scangauge II. Brad gave a nice summary in the meeting notes he
> > provided via email. I want to bring everyone up to date on what is
> > new. We had deliberately stalled the ordering process in hopes of
> > obtaining an upgraded version which included an optional USB
> > interface box. However, after speaking to the owner of Scangauge it
> > was learned they decided not to proceed with the upgrade until after
> > the New Year. He indicated they want to make sure the product is
> > ready and was not going to risk reaping short term rewards by making
> > it available during the holiday season versus a longer term view of
> > making sure the product is solid. This does not mean that we cannot
> > purchase Scangauge IIs now. It only means you will be receiving a
> > return mailer to swap out the upgraded ScanGauge II later, if you
> > decide to purchase the optional USB interface in the new year,
> >
> > The Scangauge II is still available to us via a group purchase for $30 dollars off the normal price of $169.00. The shipping costs are included and there is no tax. For those who did not see my presentation, Linear-Logic, the manufacturer of ScanGauge II has a very good description of the product by going to their web site. Be advised because the USB interface is not yet released no information is available yet on their web site.
> >
> > Here is the link:
> >
> >
> >
> > My Scangauge II is working great and I have learned much through its use already. Brad, will make the arrangements of collecting orders with checks and we will forward the group order. We also will provide them your address so you will get your ScanGauge II delivered directly to your door. If you have any further questions please either see the website above or ask one of us. The company will be forwarding new brochures to us to distribute at our next meeting as well and we will give each of you at the meeting one of those brochures.
> >
> > Thanks to Brad for allowing me to participate in this project.
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > Rees Roberts

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I just bought one on ebay for $140 shipped.

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