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I attached a page out of my 2007 Mazda's owners manual. Not sure really how important this is (probably just more covering their rear end more than anything), but I guess you're supposed to run the A/C system occasionally so it doesn't eventually seize up. Just in case anyone would like to know...
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GeekGuyAndy -

Originally Posted by GeekGuyAndy View Post
I haven't used a/c in years. I don't even use fans in my house now. Temps indoors get up to 85, but I've just accustomed myself to it. But I do live in central NY, so I guess it's not as hot as down south.
Do you have the high humidity?

Getting used to it is important. If you lived south of the border, you'd be acclimated to higher temps, and a ceiling fan would be all you need (I am *not* including this rule for people later in life, when AC is literally a life saver).

I was lucky when I was young because I always lived near the beach (the Pacific Ocean makes for great free AC!). Now that we're inland, we have used the AC maybe 10-12 times this summer. That's a lot better than last year, when we had record heat. I'm an ogre when it comes to using AC. It's like a defeat for me.


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There's a 900 square foot strawbale cabin just a few hundred feet away from me, and I wish I had some actual numbers, but I tell people it's always at least 10 degrees cooler inside in the summer. The walls are literally 18 inches thick. Apparently a "regular" wall has an R value of about 18, and this one is 47! That also means that in the winter it costs just about zilch to keep it warm. If only I could live there....

Sometimes it gets humid here, and that's when the heat makes it sticky, but being a youngster and just getting over it works for me. And I don't even pay the bills! Maybe I'm getting ready for the real life, or maybe I'm just too lazy to even find a box fan.

IIRC, Humans didn't have AC for quite a long time (hundreds of thousands of years?), and survived, obviously. I guess they only lived to 35 if they were lucky though

I prefer the natural methods on just about everything, so if the car gets really hot, I open the windows. FYI, if you open all the doors for just a minute it cools down a lot. I think a lot of people just jump into a car, complain about the heat, and crank the AC. If they would just use some sense and park in the shade or open up the car for a minute, they would benefit from the FE.
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I removed the a/c from my car because it didn't work and was added weight, I have an after market sun roof with the glass painted silver to reflect light/heat, and I tend to drive with it cracked open, with the windows cracked just a little, and the vent fan on the lowest setting, and the other day drove for 3 hours with 3 of us in the car, it wasn't to bad in 90 degree weather, for shorter trips I simply take my motorcycle, ariving aired out is a nice feeling.
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I had to use it last week or 2. The heat is really bothering me. I don't live too far from GeekGuyAndy and I agree, it's not too hot up here. However, I'm a big guy and don't take the heat as well as I used to (read 100lbs lighter). It's really putting a crimp on my "get back in shape" kick. I'd love to go ride my bike for an hour or so, but it's just too hot for me I hope it cools down some soon.
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Maybe this second week of 100+ weather will get me off my *** to get my AC fixed.
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I usually run mine if I have to go into work in the afternoon, windows down when I head back in the evening
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I can't run the AC 'cause I took the belt off when I bypassed the alternator.
I carry a small fan plugged into power and a spray bottle to soak me down a bit. We usually have low humidity in Idaho.
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I run the AC in the camaro for the pregnant fiance on the way to work.... but unlike some of the smaller cars when you can feel the HP the AC robs... the camaro barely notices that the compressor is spinning, its never dropped it more than 1mpg.
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Originally Posted by usedgeo View Post
We usually have low humidity in Idaho.
You need a car-sized swamp cooler. :-)

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