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A funny thing happened on the way to the ...

So the other week I run over this bolt, it knocks out a little bit out of my right front tire. Friday I run over another bolt with the left tire on a completely different side of town and I drive it home and take a hack saw and a pair of plyers and saw the head off, well 2 cans of fix a flat latter, its still leaking, so I have it plugged at the local garage, well the bolt hole was so big, it still leaks, so the garage owner was going to pull the tire off to put on a patch, but he said the side walls were cracking and he was worried that the bead would break, he didnt want to risk it. He refered me to a local tire dealer who gave me a price of $70 a tire for Kumho touring.

So I put on 2 front Kumho's, they're the right size, 205/50/16 and man are they sweet. First off the gearings right, which helped out the dog on hills problem, then the handling is crisp, no more ham fisting the wheel, and even though the outside diameter is an inch smaller, the Kumho's knock out the Continentals for a smooth ride. I mean its night and day, smooth, precise handling and I hope better mileage, since Im not bogging on hills due to over gearing of the larger diameter tires.

I have to go to Phillie twice this week then Virginia, its going to rain and I dont want to sweat having that plug blow out. Plus the low cost of the tires helped out. I didnt have the time to go and find a set of 14 or 15 in rims, the ones I found at the junk yard were not a matched set or only 2 or 3 rims when I needed 4.

Now the Steelies vs. Alloys question, it seems due to neccesity Im keeping the alloys, still I would like to try different sets when these tires wear out, but that may be a long time since they came with a 60,000 mile waranty, so I think Im going to keep these for a long time. One thing I did find out was the weight of a tall skinny steelie was about the same weight as a wide alloy. I know one thing, those Continentals rode extremely firm, were taling cement mixer ride. Fuel logs to follow.

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Sounds like it worked out great.

Why do you run over so many bolts?

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I have no idea, one bolt was on the freeway, the other in downtown Baltimore, just lucky I guess. Maybe I should go play the lotto, having owned close to 50 cars, I got plenty of nails and one pair of scisors, but this is my first pair of bolts.

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