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SuperMID and Fuel Saving

I just wanted to share my latest experience with Supermid. I have been using some Hilermiling methods even before supermid and getting a better milage than the average with My Susuki car (Automatic, 1.3L VVT). All my friend are getting from 10-12 Km/l with same model, but I was managed to increase it from 10 km/l to 14km/l within an year. (This is my first Automatic car). I was using Pulse and glide (NICE) sometimes but most of the time slow acceleration, keeping a large distance and avoiding breaking. I also using low visocosity oil (0-30W synthetic) whereas the standard here is 40 or 20w-50(I lived in Asian Tropical country). I also using Soltron which is available here.

Before the Supermid, I did not had a vay to detect the Engine Break with zero fuel cut, in fact I was not aware that it is possible with my car. However when I got the Supermid, I found that it is there in my car.

Before Supermid, I never used the Overdrive off , thinking that Higher the gear, better the fuel economy. Also I always tried to maintain the lowest RPM thinking that it will give me the best Fuel economy.

That has chaned with the Sueprmid, where I found that when the Overdrive off at slow speeds (10 - 40 km/h), better the fuel economy. I also found that RPM need not be very low in order to get the best fuel economy. Quite often I get the best MPG when RPM is around 1800.

This kind of thing is not possible if I do not have a inst. MPG/fuel gauge. Before Supermid, even getting 14 km/l is quite a difficult task. With the Supermid, I was easyly getting 14 km/l . In fact I have gome upto 15 km/l during last month. As you all know, getting the higher bit is much more dificult than the lower range.

I must thank the SUpermid Inventor Yoshi in the first place together with All Hypermillers who shared there experience. It is not just the personal achivement, but we are indeed helping the world.

Please find the attached graph which shows the entire fuel usage for my car.

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Thank you for your report using the SuperMID and I'm glad to see it works well, then you're saving your fuel usage.
It looks you improved approximately 15% fuel economy, from 13 km/l to 15 km/l, after you installed the SuperMID.

Thanks again,

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If you look at my fuel readings for 'Bluey', it starts with no SuperMID, and all the improvements can be attributed to the fact that I had the SuperMID to experiment with!

Bluey II is not so good (but still getting +34% above EPA) and the SuperMID helps with this. This is because this car is auto

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It is also useful for telling when your car switches over from the engine propelling the car to the engine slowing down the car (engine braking). Note what your normal warm engine idle pulsewidth is. While driving, whenever your pulsewidth gets below that pulsewidth, your car is engine braking. In normal driving its amazing how often you can inadvertantly get into engine braking without realizing it and each unneeded engine braking has the same effect on your FE as using the friction brakes.

Also you can tell the relative power draw of each electrical load by noting the changes in the warm idle pulsewidth while turning on and off the various electical loads in your car.
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