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If they made a car like that today it would have such a high pricetag no one would want it. Gone are the days of getting CHEAP new cars !

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Take Pride in your Ride

Originally Posted by brelandt

It is SAD. It's even harder as a single guy looking for a girl. I'm not sure how many have passed on me for the car I drive. I haven't asked, but I have a younger sister and between her and all of her friends the mans car means a lot to them. I guess when I do met someone and they are not into a guy with a Benz and such (and not because you can't afford one but would rather not drive it) then I know she is the right one for me.
Exactly! If people look down on you for what you drive, do you really want their respect in the first place? The women that look for the Benz's aren't worth your time. To share the same values as you, your car is actually helping you save some valuable time and heartache.

I'm proud to pull up to work in an almost 10-year old car, with a broken windshield, rattling exhaust, and an electric plug hanging out of the grille. I want people to judge me by my actions, not possessions.

If someone has a problem with not having the latest, fast, cool-mobile, then that's their problem. While they're making payments on their Lexus luxo-yachts and speeding by on the highway, I'll be the guy in the slow lane with the "" sticker on the back, and the smile on my face

I think that's how we've developed as members here. I used to have a Evo for the cool-factor and to beat (nearly) every car at the stoplight. The rush of acceleration couldn't be described. But, times have changed for the better.

Now when it comes time to buy a new car, there's nothing wrong with a low-emissions variety.

To whatever you drive:


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Very well put....but what should I tell them when they ask about the tape holding my glasses together?

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Originally Posted by red91sit

(my pro-union-USA-rant)

Domestic doesn't mean anything anymore. Straight from the Federal Trade Commision Archives

(no such thing as American made anymore)

Also, I find vehicle appearance is very strong with not just women, but undereducated men as well. A friend of mine got a bright yellow Saturn, a fuel efficint little hatchback, but everyone wants this car. I just found it funny.
Actually, after I posted the note, I thought to myself, I am over 40 now, so the looks of the car aren't as important as they used to be. In a way, my wagonette is an anti-style car for me.

I like good design too, but I have always liked it in the form of small cars. Remember the Fiat Lancia Zagato?

My only regression on this was the 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. However, I never seriously considered *owning* one because the MPG was lousy.

If you are willing to compromise on "best in class" MPG standards, you can try to get a small car that is made in the USA by union workers. These would be Americans who probably have decent health care and are making an above living wage. My current favorite for that is the Pontiac Vibe, made in Fremont California (UAW #2244). It's a Toyota Matrix drivetrain, but at least it supports good American jobs (I'm a white-collar programmer with a blue-collar heart).

That said, I bought my 1997 SC2 because I loved the overall design as well. Saturn had "met my demands" with that car. A pretty car with good MPG. I do wish it had the third door when I bought it (asymmetrical suicide door?!?!?! Friggin awesome!). But the later revamp (in 2000?) was ugly, IMO. Destoyed all the original lines of the car.


Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG?
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