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Arrow Re: The price of the pursuit of FE...

Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
He hasn't even logged in for 4 or 5 months. I don't think so.

Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
I'm not sure stickers will help. They might reduce some of the unwanted attention from one group, but attract unwanted attention from other groups.

IMO anything that makes you look abnormal will attract attention. Better to be a wolf in sheep's clothing than a sheep (or anything) in wolf's clothing... (Says the guy driving a 32 year old car.)
That's why I prefer stealth mods.


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Re: The price of the pursuit of FE...

Shows you the quality of people alive today, quite frankly.

'92 Civic VX, Canadian model
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Re: The price of the pursuit of FE...

"I've even see someone finish up peeing on my car (while very drunk, obviously) as I'm approaching it."

That's the problem. These blind drunk a**holes are mistaking your modded white VX for a toilet or urinal.

I haven't experienced the problem with my white Prius (yet) but it hasn't been parked near a tavern, saloon, night club, bar, etc. either.

Alcohol - the cause of and solution to many of life's problems (modified Simpsons quote).
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Re: The price of the pursuit of FE...

Ben, Sorry to hear of your negative experiences. Unfortunately some people are so small-minded that they have to attack anything that they don't understand.
While I have never had someone directly disrespect me while driving or riding a modded vehicle I have been viciously attacked on other forums when I have posted info or pix of mods I have done to my car or my motorcycles. I have learned to expect this response from non-hypermiliers and so I don't post much more about my hypermiling efforts on those forums unless someone asks about fuel economy. As others have stated, you do have to develop a thick skin, its just human nature.
As I have progressed with hypermiling, I now run only stealth mods on my car ( grille block, high tire pressure, lip spoiler, HAI , etc.) . Now I focus most of my modding efforts to my motorcycles with radical streamling ( long pointed tail, taller longer windscreen, faired wheels, etc.) and people definitely notice. WHile riding on the freeway I often have cars run alongside me so that they take pictures of the " Batcycle" . My motorcycle gets more attention than a Ferrari but people seem to like it. Strangers often ask me about the mods while I am refueling or using the bike on errands and seem very interested. One of the things I do is keep a magnetic sign with my best Mpg posted so that people will understand why the racy -looking motorcycle is cruising along at the speed limit. You might try that on the rear windows of your car.
One thing that I have found very helpful is to meet with other hypermilers and share experiences. I have made some great friends who totally understand my motivation. Absent of direct contact, I have made other friends on this and other fuel economy forums. Its great to find other people who are passionate about making a difference.
Hang in there buddy, we feel your pain. That which does not destroy us just makes us stronger.
best wishes , L&S

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