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Time in Vehicle?

Would it be possible to get Time Spent in Vehicle? Based on average speed?

It would be intersting.
100 Miles at Avg 60 mph --> 1.67 Hrs

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Look up the ScanGaugeII

It will record your cars data from fuel consumption to water temperature and so on so forth. It will even let you track your fillups and you will end up knowing your tank's average speed/time/mpg,etc

It will also scan codes when your check engine light comes on.

All you have to do is connect it to your cars ODBII port and securely mount it inside your car.


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My car has an Elapsed Time gauge included in the trip computer (displayed as E/T xx:xx).

My Ultra-Gauge (a less expensive alternative to the ScanGaugeII mentioned above) also tracks the elapsed time for the whole tank.

It also has a Short Trip Gauge that will tell you the elapsed time for your current trip as well.

As to the OP, I think that would make a nice Mini-Stat (or full on stat) that users could choose to display.
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I really don't want to know how much of my life has been spent in the seat of a car... LOL
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I did this for a while by using a simple stop watch that I paid $5 for at a local sporting goods store. Basically, when I started the car I also started the stop watch, when I turned off the car I stopped the watch. I was using it to track engine hours for maintenance and to validate my current presumption that my driving style works out to about 4,000 miles per 100 engine hours. I use 100 engine hours as my basic oil change interval since it is much more indicitave than mileage on your odometer to the life of the oil. If you're looking for long term data that isn't a very good option, for me I just used it about5 tanks to validate my theory of average mph per engine hour. It is a simple, low cost, low technology way to give you a pretty close idea on your driving habits assuming your commute or driving style doesn't change significantly from week to week.
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