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Tires... any particular brand?

I've read through a lot here on tires, but it seems like most of the debate on tires affecting FE is contingent upon tire pressure. What I'd like to know is what brand of tires are better for FE? I would assume Goodyear is the worst since their tires provide the most traction in adverse road conditions.

I guessing uniroyal is the best, for both FE and longevity (but no so much on safety and comfort of ride), but it appears that most here are using michelin. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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This site has EVERYTHING you could ever hope to learn about tires. The customer feedback, articles, and selection are top notch. I don't think that in this day and age that you could ever definitively rank one maker over another. Take it on a tire by tire basis, and find the best one that offers the features that you want. No tire is perfect, and you will have to give up certain features/capabilities to make gains in others.

My personal advice would be to buy tires that YOU like. Take those and bring them right up to the max pressure listed on the sidewall. Some of the best hypermilers on this site don't even bother with lrr (low rolling resistance) tires, so keep that in mind too.

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This is what says

Tires and Fuel Economy
Choosing a tire based solely on fuel economy would be foolish, but according to Bill VandeWater at Bridgestone Firestone North America, "consumers can see a 15-20 percent difference in their fuel economy depending on the tire they select. Some studies have shown that many consumers like high fuel economy, but not at the cost of mileage or performance (especially wet)."
Though many consumers consider fuel economy a high priority, it is typically not the number one priority for the consumer. Therefore replacement tires are not designed for with fuel economy as high a priority. According to VandeWater, "If a consumer wants a good fuel economy tire, the best choice is usually the original equipment tire.

Consumers should also not forget that fuel economy is also dependant on proper air pressure. Monitoring air pressure regularly, and with proper inflation pressures as dictated by the vehicle owner's manual, is the best route to ensure maximum fuel economy.
Stupid people. It's not foolish at all!

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good year viva 2's are lrr and so are michilin mxv4 plus. i am running both types on my car right now. the good years are awsome the obsorb everything and are amazing handeling at high psi. the michilins are solid and i think out of the 2 have better fe but are 130 a pop so when it came to replacing the front i went with viva 2's that were around 60 bucks.
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There are the greenseal report and the consumer reports reviews to consider as well.
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I've been running on Toyo 800 Ultras since Nov.06. CR reviewed & rated them well for LRR, but I haven't noticed a fatter wallet yet.

1993 Volvo 240 Wagon - 323k miles (awaiting recommissioning)
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