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To sell the land yacht or wait till winter

Hey guys I'm trying to sell my 92 land cruiser and wondering if you guys think I should be selling this now or waiting, or whatever. Thanks guys just need some good opinions on this

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If gas continues to rise in price, a Land Cruiser will be worth less than it is now..

On the other hand, if gas prices fall, people will be back to the old ways so fast you'll get whiplash trying to follow their trajectory..

It's a gamble either way.

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OTOHOH older land cruisers have something of a cult following among off roaders and serious users of 4x4s and utility vehicles. They never appealled to the "on road" SUV type crowd much anyway. Apart from back in the day when SUVs were all "real" offroad vehicles. So I'd say in the right market, value probably won't get dinged all that much.

Also if you found a messed up one with LPG, Propane or CNG parts in it, swapping those in it might make it highly desireable to the people who really need that sort of vehicle.
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