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Originally Posted by jeep45238 View Post
people have been experimenting with putting a massive flywheel horizontal under the floor of a car and using that to store energy. I'm pretty sure that's what he's referring to on the flywheel storage device.
He's talking about using the engine block as the flywheel. This is a design he's discussed before, where it's not an engine like is used now, but rather one where the whole engine spins.

Edit: Well, he did talk about a separate flywheel for stage 1, but that wasn't what I was responding to when I was concerned with gyroscopic effects.

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Torque was compensated for in the P38 with counterotating props. A flywheel storage system could have a low speed pump-motor with geared planetary high speed flywheels, half rotating in opposing directions of the other half. Spin a top on the surface of a plate. Wallk around with the plate. Throw the spinning top in the air and catch it in the plate. It keeps spinning.

No maintanance necessary. When is the last time you lost traction in a puddle of hydraulic fluid leaking from any one of hundreds of vehicles that already have hydraulic systems and travel the highways daily?

Torque can also be controlled easily with long torque rods that distribute the force over a larger radius.

Flywheels are one method of storage, accumulators are the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Both are nearly three times as efficient as battery electric hybrids.

Read the EPA hydraulic hybrids documents, look at their vehicle prototypes. Designed by Ford, Eaton, Parker Hannifin, and many other companies. They do not share your concerns.

The points about dangerous situations seem rather rediculous to me anyway.

No brakes to wear out or fail. I have seen people drive cars into my shop that were soo stupid they drove the car with bad rear brakes intil the caliper piston was rubbing on the rotor, until it ground itself down and fell out on the road. This is your "better system".

Try 500,000 miles and not a single set of brake pads.

No 30 gallon gas tanks, or CNG cylinders like Pickens is advocating. You are already riding around in a bomb, if you want to take that kind of negative prespective. Hydraulics are used in construction extensively, heard about anyone getting sliced in half by a leak.

We can strap a man to a multi million pound pile of rocket fuel and blast him to the moon, but he wont survive a storage container of less than ten gallons at 5000 PSI under two layers of protective materials!

Seen any exploding accumulators in aircraft?

This design is not being criticized by engineers as a rolling bomb.

HolyCow, you can put the design anywhere you want. The problem with retrofitting anything, is you are throwing away what you already paid for, buying new components, and paying labor to install them. You need to integrate any retrofit with existing anitlock brakes and traction control which requires new computers and programming.

I used my car as an example because it is available, and has no issues with integration with ABS or TC.

A means of demonstrating stage 1, to proove the design advantages.

Think like a manufacturer for a minute, then you can understand the three stages. Go directly to stage 3 and make every car on the road obsolete in 3 years. The used car market collapses. Road tax revenues plunge. Oil companies are left with billions of dollars of unused machinery.

The whole automotive sales and repair infrastructure will be affected dramatically.

You don't find friends when you start rocking their boat, and threatening thier economic security.

I worked on cars for 60,000 hours and I know a better mousetrap when I am looking at it.

I also realize that 100,000 other "dreamers" with better mousetraps have tried before me.

I have studied and worked on cars for over 40 years, and I know how far the development has progressed. The key missing component is exactly what we are talking about.

The objective is clear, make the vehicle hypermile itself, while leaving no evidence of that visible to any outside observer.

Look at Basjoos' aero mods. As he reduces the aero drag on his car, his engine needs to do less work and becomes less efficient. My system does the exact opposite. Keeps the engine running at only its best efficiency regardless of the lower power demands. It simply runs less and the stored energy drives the car further.


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Gary - most of the hydraulics you see on America's roadways are for PTO's, and run at relatively low pressures and volumes. They are not used for primary drivetrains on the road at this point in time en masse.

There are plenty of obsticals to overcome - I was NOT claiming that hydraulics are touchy feely things that explode if they're looked at wrong, just that they need proper maintenance. You RARELY see massive failure of construction and airliner fleet vehicles because they're properly maintained - the average American is a flipping idiot who doesn't understand why overheating brake rotors is a bad thing to do. Those are the people that it should NOT be marketed as.

You're reading too much into something that's not there bud.

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