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Originally Posted by guest001 View Post
...but a t3 is way bigger then a 14b or IHI. I have an IHI on my civic and that things tiny. I don't what rpm it hits full boost, cause I've yet to fully tune and diagnose all my problems with hitting full boost.
Not all T3's are big. The biggest T3 is the Super60, which flows about 35lbs/min. The smallest is the 40trim which flows about 20lbs/min. See
Turbo Tbirds came with T3 turbos, not the T3/T4 hybrids that are popular in the import tuner scene, which can put out over 500hp. I used to have a T3/T4 50 trim on my other car- it was big.

A Mitsu 14b from the 1990-1994 DSM is rated at 28lbs/min. A T25 from the 1995-1999 DSM is rated at about 25lbs/min. I upgraded the turbo on my Laser from the stock 14b to a 16G, which is rated at about 38lbs/min. I think the bigger exhaust side of the 16g lets the motor breath better even when not making boost.

VFAQ.com is a great site for turbo DSM's, here's some related info:

"What is the maximum output from the various turbos?

Max output from various turbos
TD05-14B (stock 1st gen) 275-300hp @ 21 psi
TD05-16G (small) 345-365hp @ 22 psi
TD06-16G (large) 365-385hp @ 22 psi
TD06-20G 430-450hp @ 22 psi
T25 (stock 2nd gen) 235-250hp @ ?? psi
T3 (super 60)/T2.5 hybrid 265-280hp @ ?? psi
T3 (super 60)/T2.8 hybrid 270-320hp @ ?? psi"

and more info about some popular DSM turbo upgrades: www.vfaq.com/mods/Turbo-compare.html

Water cooled turbos don't need to a turbo timer unless you like to shut the motor off right after a hard run at WOT. Mitsu turbos are water (engine coolant) cooled. I've been EOCing off the freeway for over a year. I'll see EGT's around 820*C while cruising on the freeway, ECT around 206-209*F, everything is hot, and I'll shut the motor off and coast, sometimes stopping at a red light before restarting the car. Yes, synthetic oil is needed, plus my car came with an oil cooler, so the turbo has protection from heat damage. I'm glad I have a OEM reliable turbo system.

Dave W.
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The IHI is a VC32ax also known as the RHB52 it came off of a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe Your IHI probably was a VJ11 and yes they are tiny. My T3 is a .42/48 the DSM is a 14b. I figure any of these will work for what I want.

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Autospeed just released this article called Turbo'd for Fuel Economy... The answer to your question is yes!
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the key in that article is turbo matched to the engine. people put way bigger turbos in cars that aren't effecient as fas as fuel econmy goes.

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