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what kind of vehicle logs do you keep.

I was wondering what kind of vehicle logs all of you keep, I was rased with a pocket size note book in the glove box, every time we stoped at a gas station as a little kid, who ever was sitting in the passenger seat had the job of writting down the mileage, and once the pumped stop, the number of gallons so we could figure out mileage, oil changes were also written down.
my current note book lives in my ash try as it's harder to loose, but sence I got my own car I also write down how much I spend, and include insurance, and parts, so I can figure out my total per-mile cost as well as my life time mpg average.

so what do the rest of you do?

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Ditto to the above, but now I also calculate MPG. Some add other bits such as insurance and what not too. Another friend almost bought a car that included EVERY bit of service ever done including mechanical integrity issues to what % of material was left on brake pads when changed, tread depth, etc....

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I've always occasionally figured mileage according to the tank, but for the truck it's a bit of a pain because I consistently loose my little sheet on it. Having a trip odo makes it so much easier for each fillup.
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I log my MPG here and maintenance from bulb replacement all the way up to powertrain swaps in a pocket notebook kept in the glovebox. I also have a file in the filing cabinet at home for each vehicle containing receipts/invoices pertaining to maintenance, with the exception of small items like oil and bulbs.
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i keep a small notepad to log gas purchases and keep receipts for other things. i note mileage on them except for small things. oil changes are every 3 months and i note that in gas logbook.
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I keep a notebook in my glove box where I capture date, mileage, gallons and gas price. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I enter date, mileage and gallons into. I correct indicated mileage to actual mileage with a correction factor I determined with my GPS and compute the actual mpg there as well. I then enter those results in my gaslog on this site. I keep track of maintenance items in the spreadsheet as well.

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