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I saw reference to an 1850lb curb weight for the insight!! , it's a totally different machine from a prius. If I didn't need 4 seats and had $10k ish for a vehicle I would definately get one.

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For under a grand? Sure. Otherwise... Probably not.

Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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theclencher -

Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
I'd get one with a toasted battery pack and throw the batteries out, driving on engine alone! Perhaps put one battery in, or an ultracapacitor, to take advantage of the regen braking.
Egg-zactly. And you would recover trunk space and lower curb weight after you recycle the battery pack.

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Brian, I did think about that later on last night after I wrote it. The ACTUAL average is between 44-47 MPH over a 46.6 mile distance. A good chunk of the trip I cruise 70 MPH. I stand corrected.

Correct about expense, the cost of the cat is more than what I paid for my Metro. I've always driven some sort of car that stands out in one way or another, the Insight does just that. As far as expense for "what if" the IMA went out? What if monkeys flew out of......(JUST KIDDING , I was dying to say that) In all seriousness, the IMA is a pretty sturdy system. I mentioned how you can kill the BCM. There are a few failsafes you can do to prevent what I did. I just haven't gotten around to those mods.

It would take a lot to make me get rid of my Insight. I'm a VERY happy owner!

Originally Posted by Brian D. View Post
To the Wazabi owner,

when you say 70MPH Average, do you REALLY mean average? If you're getting 63-65 at an average of 70MPH, then you're doing over 70MPH?? (and under, of course). If this is the case, I'm wondering what people with Insights are averaging for MPG at an average of 65MPHour...which is probably where I'm at. I'd love to have an Insight, but I'm worried about the costly repairs I read about. The cost of replacing the IMA alone is more than what my CRX HF was purchased for.
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I'd prefer a crx hf. cheaper, very close mpg, parts are abundant, installation for parts is a breeze (for the most part).
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I would love to own a 5-speed Insight as a commuter car/toy but I could never make it work as my only vehicle. I legitimately haul too much stuff on a regular basis. Even the 2-door Accord made things difficult. But to and from work, off on some long random trip with just me and a backpack, I can't think of a better car for the job. I would grab a nice one if I had that kind of money to just throw around. (Like that will ever happen!)
'07 Toyota Prius
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YES! is anyone giving one away.
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Originally Posted by pyramid_head View Post
I'd prefer a crx hf. cheaper, very close mpg, parts are abundant, installation for parts is a breeze (for the most part).
Sound like me I have a 87CRX HF and get 44 MPG if I stay off the freeway (need to swap out trans has high altitude) My friend with the Insight with CVT Trans life average is 48 MPG
I paid $900 he paid $20,000
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As long as my wife has her own car (Impala or Taurus or whatever mid-size 6-seater), we have our Suburban for when we need more than 6 seatbelts, and I have some kind of classic car in the garage (73-76 Torino, 73-77 Cutlass, 65-68 Chevy), then yes, I would be happy to commute with an Insight.

Problem is I don't so much commute as cover territory. But either way, when I'm REALLY busy, I drive 150-200 miles a day or more. Sometimes I go to LA or MS or AR and the Insight would be fine for that if I'm alone. If my wife is coming with me then we would definitely need her car (when we get her one).

However, at the prices Insights are selling for, I would buy something cheaper first. A Civic, Corolla/Prizm, Metro, Swift, Aspire, or Festiva, late 80s-early 90s specifically. A $1500 used car that gets 40-50mpg is much preferred to a $10,000 used car getting 55-65mpg. Heck, there are even cheaper ones out there than $1500. Aspires are pretty much worthless cars, but darned if the one I had 6 years ago didn't get 36-39mpg regularly. And I paid $1300 for it then. Bet I could find a $400-$600 Aspire these days that would be in the same shape and do just as well.
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Chevy Prizms are surprisingly quick for the fuel economy they yield. 0-60 mph is about 9 seconds, ~35 mpg combined. It would be interesting to test aeromods on one of these.

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