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Originally Posted by MPGMakePapaGlad View Post
I am looking for a new car and would like to get some good gas mileage. I at first was looking at a $2,000 or lower runner just so i didnt have payments. But lately I have been looking in the 8-13k range (malibu, colorado, ranger, focus) so I could get good mileage and a nice reliable car. I was wondering if you could tell me what the best cars are around 8-13k and from 1k-2k for mileage and reliability. Thanks DG
I recently picked up an 04 Cavalier w/ 18,000 miles on it for $8500 bux. The car is loaded, rides real nice, is decently quick, is getting 35 MPG [so far], and the Ecotec engine has a good following and good parts availability. I really like it.

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Snow? Never heard of the stuff.

Scouring the country for an excellent condition Civic VX
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For snow, use snow tires.
(I live in New England so I know a bit about snow).
Four snows is best, but two on the drive wheels is better than none.
And yes, as others have said, practice, and test the slipperyness now and then.

If your car is real light in the rear, or if its rwd, add some weight over rear wheels so they have some traction for steering/braking.

I've never needed studded snows. Had them once but have since learned that non-studded works, at least for the roads I use. If you're using long messy driveways or live in the mountains or such then maybe you need studs.
Currently getting +/- 50 mpg in fall weather. EPA is 31/39 so not too shabby. WAI, fuel cutoff switch, full belly pan, smooth wheel covers.

Now driving '97 Civic HX; tires ~ 50 psi. '89 Volvo 240 = semi-retired.
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some states studded tires are illegal (like IL for example) so check first
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Originally Posted by VetteOwner View Post
lol i hate to say it, but 10 mph is WAY TO FAST to be doign a 90* really need to practice winter driving... never been in a ditch or even close. i love fishtailing it and drifting around in parking lots tho....

but seriously, next time it snows, drive real slow to a big empty parking lot and purposely loose control and practice correcting it before you kill yourself or someone else. practice pumping the brakes and whatnot. keep doing it enough and it becomes second nature.

ooh and a word of advice. some of you know that all snow is not equal. wet stuff is very slick while dry powery stuff isnt bad. so once you pull out on your street if theres nohting for you to hit, speed up to about 5mph and slam on the brakes. it will give you an idea of how slick it accualy is so you know how fast to drive and how fast you can take cornners,etc.
Sorry for the long reponse time. Naw, it was only a slight turn, maybe 35* or so. Speed limit is 55 through that area and I can hold the Stang at 75 through that area

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