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SVOboy 09-04-2005 08:23 AM

New Jersey in the house!
Anyone around here from NJ? Wanna get together sometime to run experiments and do some modifications, or mehbe just shoot ideas and yak about crap that seems promising? I live in Mount Holly which is about 30 minutes East of Philly.

95avusblue 09-08-2006 07:29 AM

Hi SVOboy, I am from North Jersey, I am in your area every now and then.

thisisntjared 09-09-2006 07:08 AM

aw ben gets a response a year later.... thats sad.

anyway ben moved off to college. im still in jersey, at the shore, and i am moving to that area in november.

SVOboy 09-12-2006 07:20 PM

Hmm, even I yer late the sentiment makes me slightly glad.

BumblingB 09-13-2006 06:32 PM

I was you way about a month and a half ago. I stayed right there in town!! If you saw a Citrus Yellow Insight (green) with Florida plates driving around, that was me.

I was up that way again last weekend but was busy, picked up a '95 Metro. Actually I was about 2 1/2 hours away last weekend in PA - Harrisburg area. This time I drove the beheemoth up, Avalanche. Got a whooping 16.5 mpg average for the entire trip of 1700 miles!!! :(

Headshot Zod 11-20-2006 04:23 PM

Bergen County here........

SVOboy 11-20-2006 04:24 PM

Holla back, y0.

thisisntjared 11-21-2006 04:30 PM

sweet!! jersey pwnz

Headshot Zod 11-21-2006 05:04 PM

that we do.........

repete86 11-21-2006 06:38 PM

Jersey drivers suck though.

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