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Chris65 01-31-2011 01:05 PM

Essential parts of a VX
I am the original owner of a 94 VX and the body is too far gone to warrent any effort. I would like to find a solid eg body and swap over the VX components (Chris shakes his head as he thinks about all the VXs that had the vtec e yanked for some boosted thing or another).

What will I need to move over?

Motor, computor. what else?

theholycow 01-31-2011 02:01 PM

Re: Essential parts of a VX
Transmission for sure.

silversol 01-31-2011 03:32 PM

Re: Essential parts of a VX
I did this swap in a 94 cx. Use as much as you can from the vx. motor, trans, engine harness. You will have to do somewiring if its not a vx body, ecu, egr box on the fire wall, the wheels. the vx gauge cluster!

benfrogg 01-31-2011 06:28 PM

Re: Essential parts of a VX
I'm not familiar with the body you want to put it in; that being said, statements hereinafter refer to the hatch style body.

Front lip below bumper. (attached to the bottom of the bumper, most of the time it's been ripped off anyway) It is important for Aero.

Rear fill in panel (plastic) behind passenger rear wheel. It covers up much of the "parachute" opening where the rear bumper is. Also for Aero.

Engine mounts, hardware, etc. There are a few brackets that are alloy and are thus lighter.

Exhaust manifold, 02 (very specific to VX), catalytic converter, exhaust to connect to the converter, etc. I'd just snag the whole exhaust system if it is in useable shape. You MUST get the exhaust/02/and cat if you want to pass emissions/have good FE. (there are some aftermarket exceptions, but I think they struggle to pass smog)

Complete engine wiring harness. It has a 5 wire setup for the 02/ECU.

Engine/tranny/ECU/stock intake including air box and related. The transmission is very specific. Only available in the CX and VX. Good idea HC!

VX wheels if you have them!

You may want to think about the manual window mechanisms, manual locking doors, lack of a rear wiper, etc. They make the car lighter.

I second the VX gauge cluster. I've got one that's not a VX and the upshift light is now a "cruise control" light. It does, however, still work. Just looks funny.

All I can remember for now.

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