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benfrogg 05-24-2011 12:47 AM

Electric Harley Modification Project
So, it's time for a build thread on the bike. I bought it for $500 a few weeks back. It came with AGM wet cell batteries. It looked like this:
Now, after adding a paktrakr:
The bike has a new battery frame, batteries, and cover:

Those are LiFeP04 batteries. 3.2v per cell x 12 cells. 90AH. Pretty sweet score from another gassaver! 135#'s less of batteries. The bike has way more low end torque now (not needed as it loses most of it's good torque at 32ish mph).
But, alas, that isn't enough. Current range is limited to about 27 miles (actually not bad given the motor and pack capacity, prior range was 20 miles practical) and top speed is 43mph. It wont actually keep more than 30mph on a good hill; which there are many of in this area.
I'm going to upgrade one tooth bigger on the smaller sprocket (10 tooth to an 11th tooth, started at 9) to help the top speed and gearing a bit, but the aerodynamics are killing the thing. I think harley davidsons have an assumed drag coefficient of .80! man, my car is far superior to that.

So, onto my collection of aluminum:
Any guesses as to where that came from? Think long and hard....
Anyway, I'm making a frame with that aluminum for some coroplast panels to hook too. Here's as far as I got before it became 3 am....
Mock up top bracket:
But wait, no room for my knee!
Much better:
Final view from front:
So, the next step is fabricating the lower bracket which will look very similar, in fact I may just use the top bracket as a template. Then, using those two brackets at templates for the other side, make two brackets that are twins of these. Cut and attach coroplast, voila, lower fairing that is in line with the rear saddle bags. This baby should increase the CdA some, but lower the Cd significantly. It will keep my knees warmer and dryer, especially during the winter months that I plan to drive it!

Other mods planned:
Find or fabricate front handlebar fairing. Install windshield that will be integrated as well. That will keep me warmer and reduce drag to some degree. Anybody have any fairings kicking around they aren't using?
Lower the front fender to wheel level not shock level. Enclose from wheel.
Find a way to make a pseudo boat tail or kam.

Feedback appreciated!

Jay2TheRescue 05-24-2011 10:06 AM

Re: Electric Harley Modification Project
Not too hard. They're used to block off aisles in hardware stores when they bring the forklift through.


Originally Posted by benfrogg (Post 161017)

So, onto my collection of aluminum:
Any guesses as to where that came from? Think long and hard....

benfrogg 05-24-2011 10:25 AM

Re: Electric Harley Modification Project
Indeed, I used to work for HD and these were a freebie. Very good stock really.

benfrogg 05-24-2011 09:46 PM

Re: Electric Harley Modification Project
Got it done today, this part anyway.
Frame almost assembled:
Complete assembly right side:
Painted and assembled:
Coroplast, before trimming:
Final Assembly from the back:
Done from the front:
It goes down the road easier and coasts farther already. I'll get some data after a few runs tomorrow. Currently I'm limited to 27 miles per trip. I need 35 to make it to where I teach lessons every week. (I can charge there for the return trip)
Next task: Remove fender from upper shock mount, make mount to bolt to lower shock so it sits much lower and doesn't move with the suspension like a dirt bike anymore!
I still want to come up with a handlebar fairing...


benfrogg 05-25-2011 11:41 PM

Re: Electric Harley Modification Project
Just found this link:
This is a graph of where the power comes from for my area. I didn't realize the government has a place you put your zipcode in and can find it. Here's that link:
Sweet! Mostly Gas and Nuc, high renewables too.

low&slow 06-28-2011 08:44 AM

Re: Electric Harley Modification Project
Hi Ben, Nice job so far. As far as a critique, I'd make your fairing as narrow as possible and still cover your legs. Don't you need some airflow for colling your electric motor? I'd consider fairing in your entire front end/forks/wheel for maximum aero benefit. The back of the bike also presents a huge area for improvement. Keep us posted on your progress.
all the best, L&S

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