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andyrobo 10-02-2012 07:27 AM

Next Chapter for Gas Savers
You might have noticed a new look and some new faces logged into the site so I wanted to make sure you knew who we were and what was going on. I recently acquired Gas Savers and plan to give our community some TLC moving forward in hopes that we can make it more vibrant around here (ie. more active with livelier discussions).

My background is working with forums for the last 10 years. I founded my first forum (www.AIRForums.com) in 2002 and since then have adopted many more. Janet was an Admin on AIRForums.com and she now helps me with community management on other sites. Jeff (username: Tech Admin) is a programmer who helps with software and server administration.

We'll be trying our hardest to foster this community along in hopes that we can increase the posting levels and thus make it more vibrant and a fun place to hang out. We'll need everyone's help with this quest as it takes all of us to make a community. If you have some time please help us rebuild Gas Savers into a fun and vibrant community!

As a newbie around here, I know I'll need to earn your trust so please ask any questions you may have.

Kind Regards,


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