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IndyFetch 12-17-2012 09:21 AM

del Sol death?
The del Sol has had an intermittant no-start problem since April. I turn the key and it cranks up, but dies immediately. I start it up again, and it runs and drives just fine. A couple of times, it took more than one try to re-start the car. I suspected a main relay, and I had been planning on switching the engine out for a 1.6L D-series I have in my friend's garage, so I let it go for now.

I went out this morning to start the car, and it did the same thing; it started up and died. However, when I went to start the car again, it had a different sound. The car sounded a bit like the starter was grinding, but the engine was stopped when I turned the key. The car also shuddered a bit. It did not even try to start. There is no CEL. I did not smell fuel. :banghead:

I am wondering if I broke the timing belt. I bought the car 16,000 miles ago, and I have no idea about the maintenance prior to my purchase.

Car is a 1995 Honda del Sol S. 1.5L, 5-speed manual. OBD I.


IndyFetch 12-17-2012 04:17 PM

After a lot of cranking, it started up when I got home. It ran roughly for a few seconds, then settled down and ran fine. I am really confused.

Rusty94cx 12-17-2012 04:29 PM

Check the main relay. They a notorious for bad solder joints. They will cause hard no starts. Once started they run fine. If you can solder they are easy to fix and or inspect. Also if no cel useally it's fuel related. So do the relay and check fuel pressure.

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