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MonkeyMan 11-09-2013 08:49 AM

Fuel Efficient Ricer ;P
I've come across this site several times in my google searches for different topics. Mostly aerodynamic mods. But I did see that you have a bit on HHO.

I have a 5 Speed 97 Accord Ex. Its pretty good on gas but I also got addicted to performance upgrades. Simple bolt ons to make it a bit more fun to drive. With that I've also looked into how I could combine fuel efficiency and performance. Its possible but I find many in the tuner world are misinformed.

I'm currently working on some vortex generator testing. I've made my own. Started with an air tab like design but then moved on to delta wings. I'm also working on a wing design, front spoiler and rear diffuser.

With HHO i've been able to see gains but had taken a break for a while since I was having troubles with my o2 sensors.

My bluetooth scan tool is my best friend. I love repairing cars and just monitoring their behavior.
Feel free to ask me any questions on those subjects I know or send me some tips on them. I'm always looking for more info.

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