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Technigogo 01-31-2014 04:57 AM

Toyota Prius H2 or H4 Hybrid (which do I select?)
When I created my Fuelly profile for my 2010 Prius 3 it asks for the engine type. I am unclear on what to select here. Do I have an H2 or H4 hybrid? Mine is NOT a plug in.

Jay2TheRescue 01-31-2014 06:18 AM

I would say H4, as I'm not aware of any 2 cylinder Prius models. I believe H2 would be an error that happened when someone added their car to the database. (Hopefully one of the tech guys on that end of things can chime in and confirm my hypothesis.

trollbait 01-31-2014 07:05 AM

I want to take this time to point out that the engine types tend to be confusing in general. Most recent I was looking at the Golf diesels here, and there was 2 to 3 diesel engine types under the filter. In US, we only get the 2.0L. Overseas, they have a 1.6L and maybe more options. The codes don't give a basic displacement, and leave a user going through by trial and error.

Draigflag 01-31-2014 12:10 PM

It's very confusing having so many engine options in one car. Like you say, the Golf here has a 1.2 TSI, a 1.4 TSI, a 1.6 TDI, a 1.9 TDI, a 2.0 litre TSI (GTI) and a 2.0 litre TDI, all of those engines have different power outputs, then there are also different varients too, GT, GTI, GTTDI, GTD, TDI, TSI. This is another reason ive never been a fan of german cars, too many choices!

JamesArthur 02-20-2014 07:33 PM

My assumption was always that L indicated inline and H indicated horizontally opposed (boxer), not H for hybrid. This would be in keeping with most automotive writing.

soap94 11-04-2015 03:10 AM

i would recommend h4. anyway hybrid cars aren't the best solution. I definitely recommend electric cars. They might be more expensive, but believe me, it worth it.
5+ Facts About Toyota Hybrids - Pros And Cons for Toyota Hybrid it is said that hybrid engine isn't as good, for my opinion.

Draigflag 11-04-2015 11:32 AM

Wouldn't recommend a fully electric car, most people overlook the fact that only 5% of the population will want to buy it off you when you're ready to sell it on, I've seen depreciation as high as 3 per mile or $4.75 in some cases!

rfruth 11-04-2015 11:58 AM

I thought all Prius(s) used the same gas engine as of late (1.8L 4-Cyl.)

Matt715 11-04-2015 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by rfruth (Post 185984)
I thought all Prius(s) used the same gas engine as of late (1.8L 4-Cyl.)

The official plural term for Prius is a Prii. ;):D

Toyota Announces the Plural of Prius | Toyota

LDB 11-04-2015 07:13 PM

Electric might work fairly well in some parts of Europe where I think distances are short but they just don't have the range for much of the US. It's 887 miles or 1427 kilometers. or about the same as Connecticut to South Carolina.

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