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frankfurter86 03-03-2014 02:12 PM

2012 ford focus SEL MPG trouble
I just bought this car a week ago with 19,500km on it. Ie See that most people here who have one average 500-550+km per tank. Mine only did 460km on a full tank and I drive pretty efficiently. Had anybody else had MPG issues with this car and what did they do to remedy them?.

I already brought the car to a dealer tonight and they pretty much did nothing. They say that if a check engine light is not on then there is no problem. The car clearly shows 460km distance until empty upon fill up so I would say we have an issue. Very frustrated and not impressed with Ford at the moment.

theholycow 03-04-2014 05:58 AM

Normally I'd remind you not to worry about how many miles you get from a tank but rather MPG...except in your case I see your MPG was pretty bad.

Anyway it's hard to say from just one tank if that was a valid measurement or not and to predict what kind of results you should expect. Don't put any faith in the onboard calculator telling you expected range, at least not until you've had enough experience to trust it.

Some potential innocent causes of low fuel economy in your case:
- The first tank may not have been completely full.
- When you get a new car you haven't gotten to know it, so you might not be driving it the best way yet.
- Also with a new car you might drive it around more, idle it, etc.
- I don't know your location but if your winter is as awful as mine then that takes a big toll on fuel economy.
- Frozen, stuck, or maladjusted parking brake could be likely on a newly acquired car.
- Don't forget to check for severely underinflated tires.

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