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luv2spd 11-19-2015 03:15 PM

Quickest Hybrid to 186mph Test
What is the quickest hybrid car in the world? It's the Mercedes W06 F1 car, but there are three road legal hybrid cars that are almost just as fast. Check out this drag race video for the P1 vs. 918 vs. LaFerrari



Draigflag 11-19-2015 11:12 PM

Europe trying to project it's green image and slash emissions, they tightened the F1 regulations. The cars are limited to a 1.6 litre in size, and are only allowed 100kg of fuel per race. Even the World Rally championship cars have 1.6 litre engines now. Look at what they can achieve with that! We all have so much to learn from Motorsport. You don't need an engine bigger than 1.6!

luv2spd 11-20-2015 12:14 PM

Yes, the new 1.6L V6 hybrid F1 cars use 30% less fuel and are almost just as quick around the track as the 2004 3L V10 engines used to be. In addition, the engines now have to last 6 races compared to just one session in the past.

Having said the above, itís not all sunshine and happiness. These new 1.6L V6 single turbo hybrid units cost $2.1million per engine. They are so expensive that the FIA is proposing a new engine to compete with the hybrid unit for 2016. They are proposing a new 2.2L V6 twin turbo with refuelling (without hybrid) to bring the crazy costs down. In the early Ď90s McLaren-Honda used about 85 engines per season; now the teams are only allowed to use just 6. Whatís ironic is that the 85 engines in the Ď90s cost about the same as 6 hybrid units in 2015.

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