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E1 04-28-2016 05:15 PM

Two-wheel fuel economy challenges, fun runs. (USA)
Anyone know of when and where there will be any others?

I've been wanting to get my 899cc ZX-9R sportbike entered into one of these challenges. Vetter, for instance, has a challenge coming up on July 10th, 2016 in Ohio and although no longer active on here, low&slow had a fun event of similar makeup.

Motorcycle Classes:
Electric- electric motorcycles (may turn back at “The Junction”)
Unlimited Streamliner
Under 700 cc
Over 701 cc
Worst Gas Mileage?

1.Alan Smith, Kaw. Ninja 250cc Streamliner, 95.7 mpg, 1st Streamliner
2.Vic Valdes, Kaw. Ninja 250cc Streamliner , 86 mpg, 2nd Streamliner
3.Jacqueline Etter, Yam. XT225cc, 79.7 mpg , 1st < 700 cc
4.Bart Beeman, KTM 450cc, 50 mpg, 2nd <700cc
5.David Bright, Suz. DR 650cc, 49.8mpg, 3rd <700cc
6.Matthew Shiroma, Suz. V-Strom 1000cc, 47.8 mpg, 1st >700cc
7.Rick Silverman, Suz. DR 650cc, 44.8 mpg, 4th <700cc
8.John McAllister, BMW 1000cc, 42.7 mpg, 2nd >700cc

Vetter's challenge has additional requirements, like carrying 4 sacks a groceries upright, that don't fit a simple distance challenge. However, both of these did provide honorary categories where just about anyone could participate and be included. You just couldn't win, because the challenge criteria had not been met.

I'm fine with participating in a honorary category. Would love to go head-to-head against Matthew Shiroma's Suz. V-Strom 1000cc bike for top honors in the > 700cc class.

Anybody else looking into doing this or have information about other contests?

gregsfc 08-19-2016 03:42 PM

Yes! I'm interested!

I don't understand the post with respect to the classes and their results. The only FE mc challenges I know of are the Vetter Challenges. I rode in the 2014 Challenge in Lexington, OH. There were no classes; only divided by those who can carry the groceries and those who do not. The posted results that year put the "good olé boys" in an upper chart, including a diesel that was DNF. I came in with a stock bike; a Honda CTX700 with a 54-liter box on the pillion seat. It carries everything I'd ever need to take on a bike trip and super useful but would not carry 4 bags of groceries that must stay in four, large paper bags upright and must be contained in the bodywork. At any rate, I came in at 101.82 mpg, beating the next best stock bike by 20 mpg and came within 1.5 mpg of Mr. Vetter's streamlined Helix, but got no honor in the published data. Your result data is confusing. For instance, Alan Smith recently did an interview for Schultz Engineering as part of their coverage for the Vetter Challenge. It's available for viewing on YouTube. He has a sticker on his bike stating his best is 181. He stated that he hoped to best that score at the 2016 event, but you post that he achieved 195.7 ??? Alan's score for a gas bike did get beaten in July, but it was Vic Valdés, a.k.a. low and slow who bested that score with 187.

The only time I've seen Vetter divide classes are with respect to electrics because they could not make the full run and to divide up "non carriers" from carriers and finishers from non finishers.

I don't recognize most of those riders but would love more FE challenges with at least one closer to my home and would love to see someone put events on that would divide up by class and have more open mindedness than occur at the Vetter events, which are mostly about promoting Vetter-style streamliner designs; especially since Fred Hayes has quit competing.

E1 05-09-2017 06:20 AM

Bump. Seems that Vetter's Challenge is even kind of dying. Are all of these Fun Run challenges gone?

Keep searching Google for any hints, but none.

Still interested in finding one to go on if anyone hears about one.

gregsfc 05-27-2017 05:11 AM

Please refer to a new thread on this topic for more info. The Mid-Ohio Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, July 8, 7AM at or about Splash Harbor Hotel, Bellville, OH for liquid fueled machines and a nearby racetrack for electric fueled machines. Details at link below

Schultz Engineering - Custom Motorcycle Parts and Renewable Energy Products

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