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ChewChewTrain 07-14-2016 06:27 PM

The Beginning of the End of Fossil Fuels
Quote "California has added so many solar plants so quickly that the grid doesn’t always have room for all of the electricity."

On Tuesday, for example, grid operators had to curtail — or turn off — 292 megawatt-hours of solar electricity, equal to 292 megawatts over the course of an hour.

As heatwave bakes CA, solar sets a big record - SFGate

Clean energy is arriving faster than you may expect, everyone.

Sell your diesel, Paul, and I'll buy you a pint when I come visit. :)

Draigflag 07-14-2016 11:05 PM

Happens all the time here Doug, parts of Scotland produced 163% of their energy needs in just a few weeks during some very windy weather. The wind farms were paid almost £1M in total to stop producing energy! Maybe with home battery storage systems, we'll be able to store it up soon and use it when we need it. Germany produced so much solar in May, the price dropped to -130 Euros PMWH, yes MINUS. In Chile, electricity was free for 113 days in a row.

P.s. you direct a lot towards me, you're not a passive anti-diesel head are you? ;)

ChewChewTrain 07-16-2016 12:04 PM

Oh, no! Everyone else can keep their diesels. Just not you, Paul. Kidding! :)

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