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hseiden 09-13-2016 03:17 AM

Questions about Gas Cubby 3/Fuelly
I've got some questions about the interaction between Fuelly and Gas Cubby 3:
  1. Is it possible to have multiple drivers in Gas Cubby? How about Fuelly? Envisioning a sub database of Vehicle>Driver.
  2. How can I get vehicle reports exported in CSV format from Fuelly/GC? Would request a report of service and fuel by vehicle.
  3. What differences are there between the mobile app (GC) and Fuelly.com? Looks like there unique features of each. How are they integrated and how can that information be managed are specific questions.
  4. I'm seeing that, though merged there may be two systems with features on one that can be turned off in the other? Can someone elaborate on this (maybe a new thread)?

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