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EONI 11-30-2016 07:53 AM

Feature Request - Track by hours?
I use Fuelly to track all maintenance on our company vehicles. THANK YOU! We have some vehicles that while they are driven and do accumulate mileage, their primary task includes extended periods of idling. (Think aerial trucks.) Would it be possible to add a track by hours selection?

Thank you for doing this! I've been using Fuelly to track my personal vehicles for well over 100,000 miles. It's my favoritest app.

Jim Arnott (Jim in Oregon)

Draigflag 11-30-2016 09:03 AM

I'm surprised this isn't already an option, many vehicles, especially industrial and agricultural (fork lifts, tractors etc) use hours instead of, or as well as miles/KM's.

EMY92 12-01-2016 01:59 AM

We do have that on the list for consideration, but I do not know when it may be added.

trollbait 12-01-2016 04:48 AM

There are very few personal vehicles that have the ability to track hours of operation from the factory. I've thought it should be the way for tracking ICE maintenance for hybrids when I got my Prius. But that would lead to dealers here losing income, and even actively working against the sales of hybrid models.

advcyclist 09-05-2018 05:33 AM

I'd like to bump this request and log another vote for tracking engine maintenance, fuelups, etc in hours. This would be an IMMENSE help for tracking and notifications of maintenance on my tractor, generators, lawn mower, dirt bike, etc... HUGE FEATURE NEED! I would absolutely go premium subscription for this feature.

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