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cz_driver 01-12-2017 02:52 AM

Fastback & Hatchback & Missing liftback

I'd like to add right car type of Skoda Octavia 1.8T.
Skoda Octavia is not hatchback because back door has a small step imitating the trunk of the car.
It's not fastback because of the same reason above.
And it's not sedan as well because you are opening all back door with window as well.
In comparison with the hatchback the back opening area is more sloped and longer and is lifted up to open, offering more luggage space. Very similar is the "fastback". Liftback and fastback are often misused. A fastback is described as a hatchback where the rear cargo door flows down continuously from the roof of the car and most of the time isn't as raked as the liftback.
Could you please add LIFTBACK there?

Thank you!

trollbait 01-12-2017 04:58 AM

These terms all vary by location and manufacturer.
Older Mustangs with a gentler slope to the rear window were called fastbacks, but were still sedans with a trunk.
I think Toyota is the only company in the US to officially use liftback for anything. It's what they call the Prius, which has a faux trunk lid as you describe now, and is a car for the EPA.
Among the EPA classes, they all would get thrown into station wagons if the maker didn't opt for car or SUV.

So unless a model is available in multiple variations of hatchback, just hatchback works and limits confusion for those unfamiliar with the model.

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