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Ozmiser 01-28-2017 02:58 PM

New bloke from Australia
New member here who has purchased a new Hyundai Tucson base model 2L gas engine/ 6 speed manual .

I'm already a bit disappointed in the liters/100 kms rate displayed on the electronic dash readouts. That shows 11 liters per 100 kms city driving - that's 23 MPG.

It has 340kms on the odometer and already shows by fuel tank level that its nearly 3/4 empty.
As drivers the wife and I are fairly sedate so for semi suburban driving in a regional city I think the economy figures are poor.

I think the sales advertising calculations are done in a lab and don't reflect real conditions.
Being a new engine I would expect that to improve.

We moved from a 5 speed man 1.3 L car to a 2 L 6speed so I grant that some adjustments in driving technique are necessary.

Draigflag 01-28-2017 05:01 PM

Welcome to Fuelly. Yes SUV'S suffer in real world conditions, heavier than regular cars and with poor aerodynamics, don't expect huge numbers. At least you have a manual gearbox so you can drive the car better and learn shifts that suit you which you can optimise for good economy.

trollbait 01-30-2017 05:21 AM

Tires have higher rolling resistance when new; the tests are done on worn ones.
Increasing the tire pressure higher than what the car sticker lists will help.

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