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ChewChewTrain 02-24-2017 06:19 AM

Toyota, where's your PURE EV?
Three years ago:
Toyota Sees No Market For Pure Electric Vehicles
Toyota Sees No Market For Pure Electric Vehicles | Inside EVs

Early November 2016
Toyota, in about-face, may mass-produce long-range electric cars. Toyota has pledged to make all of its vehicles essentially emissions-free by 2050. (I'll believe it when I SEE it. Meet me back on this thread in 2050 to laugh at Toyota with me.)
Toyota, in about-face, may mass-produce long-range electric cars: Nikkei | Reuters

Late November 2016
Toyota CEO will Headup EV Division to Speedup Development. Also, shifting the chief engineer of its Prius petrol-hybrid to its EV efforts.

Toyota has been wasting development time and financial/engineering resources on hydrogen powered cars. If Toyota is THIS stupid and can still become the world's biggest automaker, how stupid does THAT make GM?

For EVs it's now Game, Set, Match! Don't buy any brand new ICE cars, if you know what's good for your wallet.

trollbait 02-28-2017 09:57 AM

GM may have spent more on fuel cells than Toyota has before coming to its senses. They partnered with Honda on FCEVs.

If the Clarity BEV really has only 80 miles of range, Honda is thinking like Toyota. They are both Japanese companies though, and plug ins aren't going to work there like they can in the US. Residential electric there is really limited in comparison. A Prius Prime, with 25 miles of EV, will take 10 hours to charge at half the homes there.

Nissan also has a FCEV coming for the 2020 Olympics, but they've flipped off hydrogen. Their car will run on ethanol. So it has s chance at success elsewhere in the future.

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