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NJGhostHunter 06-04-2017 04:30 AM

Hello from NJ
Found this website / forum via a Ford Fusion Energi I had been reading. Got a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE Luxury back in May. Had a 2013 base model car, but after driving the Hybrid on vacation and the Energi has a loaner car while mine was getting new tires, I decided to trade up and get the Energi.

I travel 58 miles round trip to work during the week and about 20-25 on my days off for running errands and such.

Working out great so far, my 2013 was avg about 28 mpg. For nearly 3 weeks with the Energi, avg about 76 mpg right now. I plug in every work day and once on my days off. Getting about 22-23 mile range on the all electric driving. First fill up from the dealer was the day I bought my car (18 May) and it looks like my first paid fill up will be on June 8.

The electric price will be minimal as our town cut a deal with a power supplier to get a bulk rate price by signing up a lot of the residents, .0898 KWH.

Glad I found the site so I can keep a semi-accurate record of my fuel costs and savings over the year! I only say semi-accurate because I know I might miss adding a fueling or 2 over the year.

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