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Royston 10-31-2018 07:21 AM

Extolling the virtues of electric cars
After driving a Prius for 12 flawless years we ordered ( 7 month wait) a Chev Bolt. We got the car Dec. 2017 and we are still amazed by this car. We are charging locally at a level 3 charger at a local food store for free. So far over 5000 free km. The charge takes usually about 50 minutes while we shop. We have a level 2 charger at home but the free level 3 charger makes that unnecessary. The range in the summer is over 450 km. even though GM advertises it at 388 km. It is the quickest car off the line I have ever owned, fits 3 car seats across the back, can tow a light trailer and so far has been flawless as far as any issues. The sooner more electric cars are on the road the better off we will all be.

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