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ScorpioRunner 04-08-2019 09:46 PM

How do I get my vehicle to show up
Joined the site a while back, primary vehicle is a Yamaha 2007 Scorpio Z,filled in my first fuel up which all appears true and correct in my dashboard but if I search for Yamaha Scorpio Z in the "Research Vehicles" section I'm not there. In fact it says there are 12 Scorpio Z to view but when you click there are only 5 to view and mine isn't there, any ideas

Draigflag 04-08-2019 11:05 PM

Your vehicle will show publicly after your third fuel up. It's to stop one off inaccurate entries that might spoil the accuracy of regular users.

ScorpioRunner 04-09-2019 03:58 AM

Thanks for that, I,ll have to get some more miles on the little Z then

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