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Mighty Mira 07-13-2006 08:08 PM

New Crude Oil Price Record - $76.70!
Nymex Crude Future78.02 +1.32
Dated Brent Spot 76.53
WTI Cushing Spot76.70 +1.75

This can only mean good things for those smart enough to see the future coming and plan for it now.


Matt Timion 07-13-2006 08:28 PM

Makes me wish I would have actually purchased oil futures 2 years ago when someone told me to. ARGH.

The Toecutter 07-24-2006 01:42 PM

I wanted to purchase oil futures long ago in the 90s when I was in middle school, but I never had the money for a single barrel, let alone to make the minimum purchase. I could see the writing on the wall then.

Also, unless you're at least upper-middle class, dream on. The minimum amount you need to buy in order to make the purchase locks out the common folk(1,000 barrels).

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