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trebuchet03 04-15-2007 01:25 PM

Do you live in the San Francisco area?
Don't mind me, I'm just tapping every resource I have as time is getting shorter and shorter.

I'm looking to rent a room/apartment/whatever for the summer in East Bay (Oakland - Berkeley Area). I'm a mechanical engineering student at the University of Central Florida and I have an incredible internship opportunity with Squid Labs/Instructables in Alameda (in fact they're in the Control Tower on the old Naval Base).

I'm looking for something around $550 or less - possibly $600. I don't need much - I'm looking for a place to hang my hat, cook a meal, park my car and lock a bike :) I'm 21 and a calm/quiet person by nature - I don't smoke, won't be bringing any pets and do not take any drugs.

I'll be driving cross country and arriving in the Bay area mid may and then leaving early August. If there's minor timing overlap - that's not a problem ;)

So if you know anyone that has a place - please share :thumbup: Contact me by PM or eMail if you prefer.

You may be asking why I'm posting here :P Well, my eMail out box is packed with craigslist inquires like this - except they respond to a specific ad... I've gotten two responses. 1 was that their room wasn't available anymore and the second... well, it was available but it took me a few reads of the eMail to realize what "420 compliant" meant and I honestly don't want to be near that or have to worry about that....

Thanks :)

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