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tomiasd83 06-01-2007 09:37 PM

97 chevy cavalier 2.2 4cyl
i have a 97 chevy cavalier with a 2.2 4cyl and automatic tranny. do anybody know if there are any conversion kits or something to convert it to a diesel or somthing with better fuel economy. any suggestions would be greatly appriciated :thumbup:

Hockey4mnhs 06-01-2007 09:49 PM

never heard of that i dont think the whoal diesal thing is possible but you can change your habbits now by slowing down and going the speed limit. also it would help if you start a gas log so you can get a base line mpg # and go from there so you (and us) can watch you improve

VetteOwner 06-01-2007 11:35 PM

ehhh not cheaply...the 94-04 chevy s-0's used the same 2.2L (i have one) and the only desil s-10's i know of are in brazil or mexico...so unles you get lucky at a junkyard(even then its gonna cost out the yang), your gonna have costs higher than the price of the car. might as well start looking for a cheap desel car.

SVOboy 06-02-2007 06:24 AM

There probably aren't any kits, the cheapest thing would be to look for a new car.

Good luck and welcome to the site.

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