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lunarhighway 06-07-2007 11:47 AM

interesting fuel additive under developement
This was taken from www.brandstofprijzen.be (fuelprises) a site monitoring and comparing fuelprices in belgium.

The original source is quoted as belga, a respectable belgian press agency.
(my attempt at trancelation below)


“Het Belgische bedrijfje Bio for Life heeft in Hoboken een systeem voorgesteld waarmee het de schadelijke uitstoot van dieselmotoren kan doen dalen. Het gaat om een eenvoudig microbiologisch additief dat moet toegevoegd worden aan de brandstof en zonder mechanische aanpassingen aan de motor de schadelijke emissies vermindert.

Bio for Life liet zijn product testen aan bij Mark Pecquer aan het automotive departement van de Karel de Grote Hogeschool.
Hij stelde na toevoeging van het additief vast dat bij een oude dieselmotor de uitstoot van roet daalt met 8,1 procent, van NOx met 8,5 procent en van CO2 met 6,6 procent.

Bij een nieuwere dieselmotor is dat respectievelijk 30,4 procent, 5 procent en 3,6 procent.
Pecquer benadrukt dat er geen duidelijke verklaring is voor de daling en dat er uitgebreid verder onderzoek nodig is (bron: Belga).”
My trancelation:


“The small Belgian company Bio for Life has persented a system at Hoboken (belgian town) by wich it can lowel harmfull emissions of diesel engines. It’s a simple microbiologic additive that needs to be added to the fuel, without any mechanical moddifications to the engine, that lowers harmfull emissions.

Bio for Life has had it’s product tested by Mark Pecquer at the automotive departement if the “Karel de Grote Hogeschool” (a university college).
He concludes that after the addition of the additive with an older engine the emission of soot dropped with 8.1 percent, Nox with 8.5percent and CO2 with 6.6 percent

With a newer engine the figures where 30.4 percent, 5 percent and 3.6 percent.

Pecquer emphasises there is no clear explanation for the drop in emissions and that further more elaborate research is needed. (scource:Belga).”
It would be really good if this was added to all diesel at the pumps... diesel is the most popular fuel here, due to lower prises at the pumpbut since most peole don’t drive the required distance for a diesel engine to properly warm up, emissions are terrible

A big problem are micro soot particles. Leftover particles from the combustion that are so small that when inhaled they can enter the bloodsteam directly. These can cause cancer as well as other deseases. A few months ago during a few hot days when the level of these particles peaked beyond the maximum allowed level, for the first time the speed limit on most highways was brought down from 120 km/h to 90 km/h. i don’t know if it was effective. Also public transportation as well as other diesel powered vehicles are being retrofitted with particle filters.

Also a while ago it became mandatory for all diesel sold in belgiun to contain a certain percentage of biodiesel. However the current production of biodiesel is still under developement en so most diesel does still not contain it.

Anyway i hope more independant tests are conducted. the figures of the test strike me as possible at first glance....

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