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DTMAce 04-05-2011 10:56 PM

Problem with badges.
Ok, I actually found a problem today. When using the Fuelly Badges, there seems to be a problem with the small banner for my Caravan. I can only get it to display in metric or UK, if I use US (which I always have) it only shows the metric. The big banner works properly, but the small one doesn't, even though the -us tag is in the image URL. My other two vehicles (one is retired) seem fine however.

This used to work fine before, but not sure when this started. Only other thing to consider is that the 2003 is entered using kilometers (as its a Canadian version of van), but I have it reporting as US MPG as this is where I am. Not sure if that would be affecting this, but may want to look into it if possible.


pb 04-06-2011 12:40 AM

Are you using the right image link? Here's a direct link to the image. I see MPG there. Check out the URL for the image. It has smallsig-us in it.

Go to whichever forum you have the badge on and check out the image URL in your signature code. Does it have smallsig-us in the URL? If not, update it and you should be set.

When we originally launched badges years and years ago, we didn't have a way to specify the units you wanted to show in the image URL. So the site made the best guess at what you wanted based on the units you use to report fuel-ups. I'm guessing you have the older style badge code and just need to update.

DTMAce 04-06-2011 12:45 AM

Well I tried that, but no go. I even replaced the code before I posted and that did nothing. Also tried refreshing cache, purging, etc, no change. It only affects the one vehicle, very strange. It even shows up incorrectly on the page where I can get the badge tags for that vehicle. Even though the correct code looks to be there, the badge is still in K, not US. It will change both badges to UK if I choose that, or both to metric if I choose that, but when choosing US I get the big one in US, but the small is K. I will try to get you a screen shot later.

DTMAce 04-06-2011 12:48 AM

Ok, now what the....

I just checked the page here and NOW it works? That makes no sense. Are you sure you didn't fix something? LOL

Yeah, now when I choose US for the badge page, they both now switch. ARG. That's annoying. lol

I guess its back to normal. Odd though.

pb 04-06-2011 12:54 AM

Signature images are written to disk every 30 minutes. So it's possible that the wrong units were used to write a particular image to disk and they stayed that way for 30 minutes while you were testing things out. Then by the time I brought up the image everything was ok.

There definitely could be a bug lurking in there. I don't see anything wrong with a quick glance, but let me know if you run into it again.

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